My Top Ten – HIMYMwise

We are all in mourning of tonight’s finale of How I Met Your Mother. And kind of waiting for the relief, too. Nine years, 208 (!) episodes, one very useless last season (with that last few episodes trying to sneak everybody’s spouses in for one last paycheck), tears, laughter, AHA-effects and a lot of Aaawwwwws…


How I Met Your Mother led us to discuss a TV-show again (yes, we do have a WhatsApp group for this), leaving me annoyed from time to time because every effect this show has had on our conversations,  came to Austrian discussions well delayed and therefore twice for me („Did you know that the guy who plays Barney is gay??“ „Yes. And married to ‚Scooter‘. Please stop talking.“).

Religious watching of How I Met Your Mother has made me an expert (not budging an inch) on this show.

So this is why I could not help but tell you: My Top Ten „moments“ of How I Met Your Mother. You will be missed.

10. Jason Segels hot start, his weight-gain and his becoming hot again.

9. Barney Stinson’s Video resume.

8. The Cheerleader effect. So true.

7. You dumped a pornstar? Friendship OVER!

6. The glass shattering episode.

5. The Hot-And-Crazy-Scale. About the fact that guys like women more if they are just a liiiittle more complicated than others.

4. The Alcohol Episode. When everyone was waiting for beer to be the solution.

3. When Lily and Marshall get back together. Awwww.

2. Robin and the box. Yeah. I am the jerk.

1. The Three Day Rule. By Jesus Christ.

So, this is just a short overview… I will have the „damned, I should have put this in, too“-moment for sure, but at the end of the day, I just wanted to do a tribute to this show, which I have spend so much time with and which I will connect to moments forever. Yes, this cheesy. Enjoy.


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