The outlook wasn’t brilliant for Ted’s romantic life. He was deep into his 30s, and still he had no wife.

And thus my friends I have become through methods somewhat gory,
the Player King of New York City, BUMM, the end… True Story.

Dear Carter Bays & Craig Thomas,

It must have been an ordeal and very exhausting to write this episode of How I Met Your Mother. Said episode, eleventh of the ninth season or the 195th of the show (“Bedtime Stories”), was entirely made out of rhymes. And even if I have to admit that I hated it in the first few seconds, I came around quickly.
I even tried to rhyme this letter, but this would not have made it any better (first and last one I promise).
While some critics called this episode “just another filler” and YES I had this feeling about all the other episodes of this season, I myself think that this particular one was worth the hard work. It was an episode that made me laugh again, that surprised me at some points and made me re-believe in How I Met Your Mother — with all their little stories we love so much. Loved the rapper on the bus!

Before today, I was on the edge of boycotting the show.

Even though Jason Segel still seems like he actually wants to be somewhere else and like he is always embarrassed by his text (even in this one), I would give it a B+. Because I cannot praise something that has been bad and an ordeal to watch for so long.

In conclusion, I would like to say: Good job. Do NOT lower your efforts.

Yours sincerely,


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